Stadio Giuseppe Sinigaglia

Built on the occasion of the Volta celebrations in 1927

Construction works for the Sinigaglia Stadium in the city of Como started in 1926 based on the project of architect Giovanni Greppi. The stadium has been inaugurated on the 30th of July 1927 and dedicated to Giuseppe Sinigaglia (1884- 1916) war volunteer and athlete. 
In 1936 the building has been expanded with new constructions (the swimming pool, the gym and some offices) thanks to a project by architect Gianni Mantero who built new spaces, tearing down the Greppi's façade. 
At the end of the 40's, engineers Enrico Ballerini and Luciano Trolli built the bleachers. Between the 80's and the 90's the West curve has been enlarged and the central stand has been restored.


Via Giuseppe Sinigaglia 2

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