Publications on Alessandro Volta

A series of didactic documents about Alessandro Volta can be found on the sharing website Scribd.

Click here to access the library. (in Italian)
It is possible to consult/download directly from the link below the book in Italian:
“Scientific tools: from the Museum to the interactive Laboratory” by Paolo Brenni
Essential bibliography:
The most important text about Volta was written by Giovanni Polvani, “Alessandro Volta”,
anastatic reprint, published by the Academy of XL, Lincean Academy, Domus Galilaeana (1942-
The following volumes are of great interest:
“The Volta Temple in Como, Guide, with an updated sheet about the Volta Lighthouse”, published
by the Committee Como, Volta’s Town, New Press Edizioni, Como 2015 (English translation also
“Alessandro Volta – Enters the light”, Enzo Pifferi Editore, Como 1997
“Como and Lario in the bicentenary of the Pile invention 1799-1999 Alessandro Volta”, Como
1999 written by Umberto Ferdinando Molteni
For an accurate biography refer to the work by various authors, “Alessandro Volta in the
bicentenary of the Pile invention 1799-1999”, curated by the National Committee for the
Bicentennial Celebrations, Como June 2002, available in most public libraries. In particular, Gianni
Bonera’s essays from the University of Pavia, “Alessandro Volta: man and scientist” and Alberto
Gigli Berzolari’s “Alessandro Volta 1799”, contain valuable information about more specialised
bibliography references.