Volta's Foundation

Alessandro Volta Foundation is a young institution, created on January 1 st , 2015 from the fusion
between two historical organisations in Como: Alessandro Volta Centre for Scientific
Culture and UniverComo – an association with the aim of promoting Universities under the
Municipality of Como.
Located in the magnificent Villa del Grumello, on the shores of Lake Como and inside the
Chilometro della Conoscenza (Knowledge Kilometre), Volta Foundation is the ideal place to host
scientific conferences, seminars, laboratories, summer schools, scientific and cultural events.
The Foundation organises about 30 events per year, with hundreds of scientists and researchers
working in a vast range of sectors and disciplines. It supports, organises and manages high profile
scientific events (such as congresses, courses, seminars, round tables etc.), in collaboration with
Universities and national and international organisations, in order to promote cultural elaboration
and scientific communication in the Como area.

The Foundation is particularly proud of Lake Como School of Advanced Studies, established in
2013 by the University of Insubria, University of Milan, University of Milano-Bicocca and
University of Pavia and aiming to develop synergies in the scientific research system of Lombardy,
in order to organise postgraduate training activities, especially dedicated to Italian and international
young researchers who study complex systems. Even though created only a few years ago, Lake
Como School can be already considered as an excellent institution and a virtuous model in the
research and development field.
Among the Foundation activities there is also the Landau Network, which from 1995 deals with
the international scientific cooperation and the monitoring of the global matter concerning nuclear
disarmament, non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, conversion of military technologies
to civilian purposes, and safety of energy and hydric resources.
Other crucial activities of the Foundation are the Light Festival, organised and supported by the
Association City of Light, which presents itself as one of the most prestigious cultural events in our
town and that is attended each year by Nobel Prize winners and leading figures in the scientific
research, together with 8208 Lighting Design Festival, which is promoted by the Alessandro Volta
Foundation, the Municipality of Como and the Light Festival.