Como Public Library. Books, newspapers, exhibition center.

Operating since the 17th century, Como Public Library gathers around 400.000 documents: books, magazines, newspapers, multimedia, DVD. This is also a space for exhibitions, events, a place to study, read, both for adults and kids. There are books in many languages for adults and kids, and DVDs that can be borrowed for free or read within the premises.

Piazzetta Venosto Lucati 1
Phone: +39 031 252850
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Following the entry into force of the Legislative Decree No. 105 dated 23.07.2021, from 6 August 2021 the Library will be accessible only to visitors showing a COVID-19 Green Pass certificate together with a valid identity document.
The COVID-19 green Certification is not required for children excluded by age from the vaccination campaign (under 12 years of age) and for people exempt on the basis of adequate medical certification.
Books may be returned without constraints.


The Library is accessible Monday to Friday 9.30am - 07.00pm, and Saturday 02.00pm - 07.00pm.
The on-site consultation service will continue upon reservation and with limited time slots, by contacting Tel No. 031252850

Monday to Friday 9.30am to 7pm. Saturday 2.00pm to 7pm
Closed on public holidays (Sundays, civil and religious holidays)

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