Tasty Como

Local dishes and food traditions

Food tradition in Como offers local products, both from the lake and the mountains. The most famous dish is polenta, either yellow wheat or buckwheat, served with meat, fish or cheese.

Lake Como's traditional fish is misultitt (dried fish), bleak, lavarello, perch (often served with risotto), salmon trout, pike and chub.

As for cheese, Lake Como offers semuda, zincarlin and triangolo del Lario. Also, Como produces good butter and milk, cold cuts, honey (acacia, chestnut, lime tree).

Also, you can find olive oil Dop Laghi Lombardi-Lario and wine Consortium Igt Terre Lariane that produces white and red wine.
Among sweets, typical are miascia, braschin, nocciolini di Canzo, pan mataloch, masigott, resta, pan meìno, cutizza, and tortelli di San Giuseppe.

A way to enjoy a trip to Lake Como's gastronomy is to try out the many Restaurants and Trattorias and to indulge in Food Tours or Tasting Experiences.