Historical shops

History and craft in Como

The list of historical shops in Lombardy is the place to find all information about local craft and production. It's also possible to connect to shops' websites. Let yourself enthralled by Como's art, history, and local traditions.

TESSABIT Via XX Settembre 1/3 Clothes 1953  Historical activity
A. PICCI Via Vittorio Emanuele 54           Clothes 1919  Historical activity
PASTIFICIO BRAGLIA Via Muralto 11     Food 1959 Historical activity
OSTERIA DEL GALLO Via Vitani 16           Restaurant 1927  Historical shop
ALIMENTARI BALLABIO             Via Villini 2   Food 1961  Historical activity
FIORISTA BIANCHI              Via V Giornate 27   Home 1919 Historical activity
BOLLA            Via P. Boldoni 6   Cafè 1898 Historical activity
ALBERGO RISTORANTE TRE RE           Via P. Boldoni 20 Restaurant 1920  Historical shop
BERTONI          Via Natta 13   Accessories clothes 1937   Historical activity
IL SEME             Via Milano 3  Home 1937  Historical activity
CARTOLERIA MASPERO DI MASPERO LUCIANA              Via Milano 196  Stationery store 1956 Historical activity
DITTA ROMEO PUSTERLA             Via Indipendenza 42  Technical furnitures 1915  Historical activity
FARMACIA INTERNAZIONALE               Via D. Fontana 13 Health 1937  Historical shop
LAZZATI OTTICO SPECIALISTA           Via D. Fontana 31  Optician 1926  Historical activity
FARMACIA LANZETTI               Via Ciceri 8/C  Health 1927 Historical shop
A. GILARDONI          Via Cesare Cantù 10   Clothes 1942 Historical activity
RIGAMONTI - CALZATURE     Via Milano 9  Accessories clothes 1935     Historical activity
BAR RISTORANTE FRATE             Via Bellinzona 160  Restaurant 1893   Historical activity
BAR PRINCIPE                Via Bellinzona 296 Cafè 1913  Historical shop
ENOTECA DA GIGI               Via B. Luini 48 Sweets  1927 Historical activity
GUARISCO           Via Acquanera 2    Accessories clothes 1904  Historical activity
CROTTO DEL LUPO             Via A. Pisani Dossi 17    Restaurant 1870  Historical shop 
CROCI            Piazza Duomo 8  Clothes 1926   Historical activity
FRAGRANS 1903               Piazza Duomo 4  Beauty shop 1903  Historical activity
FELICE GABAGLIO - GIOIELLERIA          Piazza Duomo 21    Gold 1926     Historical shop
RISTORANTE IMBARCADERO           Piazza Cavour 19     Restaurant 1894  Historical shop 
PASTICCERIA MONTI              Piazza Cavour 21  Sweets 1837    Historical activity
A. SOMMARUGA ORTOPEDICO Via Vittorio Emanuele II 39 Health  1849 Historical shop
FARMACIA Via Milano 39/41 Health  1919 Historical activity
CASTIGLIONI Via Cesare Cantù 9 Food 1958 Historical activity
CARTOLERIA CENTRALE Viale Innocenzo XI 14 Stationery store  1966 Historical activity
OTTICA GHIZZONI Via Vittorio Emanuele II 11 Optician  1946 Historical activity
SCOTTI GIOCATTOLI & VIDEOGAMES Via Bernardino Luini 23 Games 1933 Historical activity
CALZE GUANTI FOULARDS BRUNATI Via V Giornate 14 Clothes  1922 Historical activity
MACELLERIA GATTI Via Adamo del Pero 30 Food 1962 Historical activity
VIAGGI RONCHI Via Milano 58 Travel 1932 Historical activity



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