Villa Olmo Festival

June 30  – August 15, 2021

The first edition of the Villa Olmo Festival, from the 30th of June until the 15th of August 2021: an event enthusiastically supported by the City of Como, brought to life in collaboration with the Teatro Sociale of Como / AsLiCo, the main project partner, and with involvement of the most significant and active local cultural institutions. These cultural institutions are, for the first time, called upon to share a venue, a revitalisation scheme, a project to amplify and harmonize the resonance of traditional as well as new events.                                                                                     

Symbol of the Lario, Villa Olmo, graced with history, beauty and architecture, and its park will host a calendar full of events. With the help of Comascan sport associations and clubs, visitors can enjoy sports and different types of activities, as well as outdoor physical activities (like gymnastics and warm-up exercises during the early hours of the morning). Additionally, visitors can also enjoy an area, open from sunrise to sunset, intended for children and families who will be able to participate in different educational workshops. The rooms inside will also host other events that are currently in the process of being finalized. Almost every evening, the park will host performances catering to the interests of different audiences, featuring a programme as diverse as possible that will bring dance, prose and music performances to the stage.

The Villa Olmo Festival will not only be putting local institutions in the spotlight: among the many goals, Villa Olmo Festival hopes to create an important bridge with Estate Sforzesca 2021 in Milan in an agreement that is both promising and supported by the Departments of Culture of the respective cities.

To kick everything off, on the 30th of June the XIV edition of Festival Como Città della Musica will open with a ballet, PiècesCourtes, making its first Italian debut and curated by the Béjart Ballet of Lausanne. The performance is divided into five scenes in which the dances have been choreographed by Maurice Béjart to musical pieces by Verdi, Bach, Brel and Chopin: poetry and elegance in one of the iconic locations of the city, destined to become the home of art, culture and summer events for years to come.

During the wow music festival, on July 16th, 17th and 18th Villa Olmo park will be closed to the public from 2.00pm

From August 6th the access to the Villa Olmo Festival will be allowed only with the Green Pass, as provided by the italian law about urgent actions to face the pandemic and to make public events safe.
This certificate is meant to prevent contagion by COVID-19 and it testifies one of the following circumstances:

  • being vaccinated for COVID-19 (in Italy you get the Green Pass when the first dose has been somministrated);
  • having a negative molecular or antigenic covid test made in the previous 48 hours;
  • being healed from COVID-19 in the previous six months.

At the entrance of the Villa Olmo garden the staff members will check the Green Pass. It’s necessary to keep the QR code on the Green Pass ready to show it up at the gates (it can be digital or paper), together with a valid identity document and with the ticket for the show.
Entrance will not be allowed without any of the required documents.
Kids up to 12 years are exempted from Covid-19 certification (Green Pass).
It is required to wear masks and to mantain a minimum separation of three feet from other people for the duration of the event.