Aliffi Tosca duo

from  02 Aug 2020  to  02 Aug 2020

Grumello. Jazz

Theatre Cinema Music

grumello jazzCurated by Flavio Minardo

Isabella Tosca - voice
Maurizio Aliffi - guitar

The duo, vocals and guitar, performs a repertoire of rearranged songs taken from the repertoire of jazz and Brazilian music, as well as original compositions that have just recently been released on CD and which are the result of two years of creative flow between experimentation, introspection and irony. Through the music and lyrics, an atmosphere characterised by intensity, quality and intimate refinement is created.


where: Villa del Grumello, via per Cernobbio 11 - Como

Booking required on (subject to availability)

Access to the Park is limited based on the ministerial provisions in place due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

In addition to the rules that are already in place and provided for by the internal regulations of the Park:
- wearing of masks
- temperature measuring for access to events that are subject to booking, dining areas and restrooms
- sanitising your hands
- maintaining social distancing
- avoiding mass gatherings

ENTRANCE to the park from Villa Olmo, along the Chilometro della Conoscenza (“Kilometre of Knowledge”) footbridge
EXIT from the main entrance on Via per Cernobbio 11

Car Park is temporarily closed

Further information (in Italian)


11.00am, 12.00pm


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