Festival Como Città della Musica (Como City of Music Festival)

Como City of Music Festival
14. Still within me is its sweetness heard
Villa Olmo Park
June 30 − August 15 2021

2021 marks 700 years since the death of The Supreme Poet (1265-1321), from whom the 14th edition of Como Città della Musica Festival, La dolcezza ancor dentro mi suona (Como City of Music Festival, Still within me is its sweetness heard) (Dante, The Divine Comedy, Purgatory, II, 114) draws inspiration. The festival runs from 30th of June to 15th of August 2021.

This year, many themes weave together to form a rich mosaic of different, multi-coloured tiles in a festival that will be more expansive than any of its previous editions (7 weeks). Standing out in silhouette against the scenery of Villa Olmo, the festival will take place inside the first edition of this year’s Villa Olmo Festival with the park in the background.

A wide variety of artists and musical genres will follow one other in 16 evening events, accompanying the other events that will alternate on the stage set up in the park of the Villa, as one whole ongoing programme – almost like an Olympic relay race between the main cultural and local institutions involved, like the quick interchanges from note to note on a stave that Dante’s verses evoke in the exchange with the musician Casella in Canto II of Purgatory. Every event has been curated so that it perfectly complements the one that follows and so that, in this relay, the torch of art – the flame of artistic creativity, love and ingenuity celebrated by Dante – may be passed on.

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