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CSAV Artists Research Laboratory

CSAV - Artists Research Laboratory publishes every year an open call to young artists of any nationality, selected by a jury. The project centers on the comparison and on the horizontal exchange between artists of different generations and nationalities and it includes both art and education. During the residency there will be activities such as laboratory, theoretical seminars and lectures by artists, critics and representatives of different disciplines. The partecipation answer and laboratories are gratis.

2019 Edition

June 29 to July 26

XXV CSAV-Artists' Research Laboratory
Casual Loops/Squiggles

Invited Artists
Ei Arakawa and Nora Schultz

Kasper König

Annie Ratti

Associated Directors
Lorenzo Benedetti
Gregorio Magnani

Casual Loops/Squiggles
The overlap of many artists and curators will define the structure of this workshop, the main event performance/presentation/production/exposition will be in the middle of the laboratory, to change and talking about the concept of "production" (idea of cumulative process with a final result and presentation) and focus on the theme of the work at the moment of the actual presentation.
We will work with the overlap as symilar as the Doppler effect or at the temporal structure of the predestination.

We will learn:
-How to hear the Doppler frequencies in both the directions in the same time
-How to make a pool ball bump into itself?

But so:
-What are the ways where future and past complicate each other?
-How to work with the result of an event before it happen (and after)?
-Can be a new start after the event?
-The movements of the pool ball and the Doppler sound can be archive? If yes, how?
-A fake identity has time? How it connect with its time?

In this world, wich is an eternal circle, publishing and producing are part of the same word. So, a draft of publishing will be complete before the end of the workshop and use for your past and future art.

(Ei Arakawa and Nora Schultz)

Partecipant artists at the XXV edition:
Ilan Bachl (Germany); Pietro Bonfanti (Italy); Marc Buchy (France); Letizia Calori & Violette Maillard (Italy); Amos Cappuccio (Italy); Verina Gfader (Austria); Daniel Jablonski (Brasil); Stefan Klein (Germany); Wesley Larios (U.S.A); Laura Leppert (Germany); Douna Lim & Théo Peso (France); Edoardo Manzoni (Italy); Michael Sven Meier (Germany); Tomás Nervi (Argentina); Paulo Wirz (Brasil); Eleni Wittbrodt (Germany).