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Twentieth Century

Thentieth Century Section at the Pinacoteca Civica in Como.

The Section dedicated to 20th Century Art, located on the second floor, is introduced by Marcello Nizzoli's photoceramic panels, which were supposed to decorate the façade of Giuseppe Terragni Casa del Fascio, but were refused by public patrons due to their lack of celebratory character.

This section documents, through photographic images, paintings, sculptures and prototypes of furniture, the highlights of artistic creativity during the twentieth century in Como, from the Futurism of Antonio Sant'Elia (2.2, 2.3) to Astrattismo (Abstract Art) from Como (2.4, 2.5) by Mario Radice, Manlio Rho, Carla Badiali, Carla Prina and Aldo Galli, up to Ico Parisi (1916 - 1996) (2.9) original protagonist of Italian and Como culture, whose work embraces various fields and uses the most disparate techniques including video, photography and installations.

Room 2.7 is dedicated to figurative painters: landscape art, developed extensively in the first post-war period, allows us to capture the different souls of the Lombard tradition: from Post-Impressionism, to Metaphysics, to the Twentieth Century. The painted places become a metaphor of the anxieties, aspirations and dreams of the man and artist who lives in a period of great hopes, propagated by Fascism, but also of great disappointments following the First World War.

The exhibition itinerary ends ideally with the large contemporary canvas of “Angeli in the starry night” or “The three geese”, one of the most famous and poetic works by Como painter Giuliano Collina, donated to the art gallery and placed on the wall of the grand staircase.