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Monuments till 1900

Torre Gattoni

The place where Alessandro Volta carried his experiments out

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It used to be the headquarter of Como's administration (since XIII century), now exposition center

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Teatro Sociale

Inaugurated in 1813, it is now a cultural center of attraction for international musicians

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Palazzo Cernezzi

Built between XVI and XVII century, it is now the headquarter of Como's municipality

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Palazzo Lambertenghi

Property of illustrious Como's families, it was built in the beginning of XVII century

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Castel Baradello

Built under emperor Federico Barbarossa, it's located in a strategic place

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Town walls

Built in the first half of the 1st century under Julius Caesar, they have been destroyed and rebuilt many times

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Porta torre

Built in 1192, it is one the most well-preserved part of the Medieval walls

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Statue of Giuseppe Garibaldi

Inaugurated 30 years after the liberation in the place where the Austrians were pushed away in 1848

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Roman baths

Dated second half of I century AC, they are built on a 1500 square meter area

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Statue of Alessandro Volta

Marble statue by Pompeo Marchesi inaugurated in 1838

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Grave of Alessandro Volta

Built by Volta's wife and children on a project by Melchiorre Nosetti

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