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“Giovanni Gastel per il Piccolo Principe” (Giovanni Gastel for the Little Prince)

from  05 Oct 2019  to  27 Oct 2019

Photo Exhibition

Exhibition Exibition's opening

After little more than a year, Giovanni Gastel is returning to Como in an unusual role. In fact, he will not be acting as a photographer of the glamorous world of fashion and dreams, but instead acting in the particular role of author of the exhibition entitled “Giovanni Gastel per il Piccolo Principe” (Giovanni Gastel for the Little Prince) on social unrest, curated by Maria Cristina Brandini, created by the non-profit organization “Piccolo Principe Società Cooperativa Sociale Onlus”, in collaboration with the Municipality of Como, the Culture Sector and “365 giorni d’Arte” (365 days of Art) and with the contribution of the non-profit organization “Casa Vincenziana Onlus”, Como headquarters.

It is an exhibition with a serious and very complex theme, dedicated to “violated childhood”.

Twenty-eight photographs will be exhibited in which the Author, after a careful and loving personal acquaintance, has portrayed children and adolescents of various ages, belonging to the Community of “Piccolo Principe” (Little Prince) in Busto Arsizio, an effective symbol of one of the thousands of so called “casafamiglia” (foster home) scattered throughout the area, which welcome children taken from their family situations by the Juvenile Court because they are in fact abused or mistreated or, in any case, are not properly looked after.
Gastel found himself catapulted from his world of beauty and wellbeing into a reality made up of pain, profound suffering and injustice.
Stories so demeaning that you cannot believe they are true. An intertwining of violence, indifference, ignorance, abandonment, and an absolute lack of ethical and moral values that we all, without a doubt, must respect.
Each portrait depicts a young person with their face covered by their own hands, which is, as Giovanni Gastel explains: “... young people who conceal the part of themselves that we consider to be the most representative. Why this choice? Surely because hiding is the first instinctive gesture to escape violence in an attempt to not see, to block out the unwatchable, to defend the part with which we all identify ourselves”.
Twenty-eight different young people, twenty-eight different poses, twenty-eight poignant and moving stories that complete the image of belonging and which were written, with almost poetic delicacy, by the founder and head of the Community of the “Piccolo Principe”, Patrizia Corbo.


where: Broletto, piazza Duomo - Como

Free entrance

The competition


Every day from 8.00 am to 10.00 pm

Opening Saturday, 5th October at 3.00 pm

Location: Broletto