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from  10 Jul 2020  to  18 Jul 2020

Positive Contagion

Exhibition Exibition's opening

Manifesti-1--Artresti-webSeven artist friends and travel companions wanted to take on the new challenges involved with the periods of forced confinement due to the Coronavirus.
From an idea formed by the artist Enrico Cazzaniga, which was initially shared, developed and tested with the artist FabrizioBellanca, before then adding the other following artists:Marco Besana, Filippo Borella, Andrea Borgonovo, Matteo Galvano and Simona Muzzeddu.
The project consisted of a collaboration using several hands or rather (given the forced social distancing and sharing via the internet), several computer mice, in order to create 7 pieces of art.
Each piece of art is made up of the overlapping of work by each artist, with each one being started by a different artist, who began with a white spreadsheet of three thousand pixels per side, then created a computer image using the techniques and themes that characterise them as artists, then saved it as a JPG image before then sending it to another fellow artist and thus triggering the series of overlaps: in fact, each artist received the basic designsuccessively, added their own creation (modifying the artwork they received, basing it on their own individual creativity) and then sent it to the next artist.
Needless to say, this was all in done independently and in total isolation.
The result? A curious and intriguing mix of colours, shapes, textures, symbols and images, where it is difficult to recognise the style or intervention of each artist. This is the true beauty of experimenting from a distance, with complete freedom and in periods of forced confinement. Hence the title: a positive artistic contagion.In this project the use of digital technology was a tool that gave all participants the same expressive and creative opportunities.
All of the limited edition seven works of art are in a square format and are printed on forex 28 x 28 cm with seven copies for each subject, thanks to the concrete and generous participation of the historic “BallaratePiero” printing house in Como, who immediately believed in the project.
The aim is to raise funds to support organisations in difficulty during times of emergency; in this case the artists have decided to donate the proceeds to a local organisation that is dedicated to helping minors with mental health issuesand those who are vulnerable: the non-profit organisation “Fondazione Rosa deiVenti”.
Those who make a donation starting from €150 will receive one of the 28 x 28 cm works of art; the proceeds will be entirely donated to the non-profit organisation “Fondazione Rosa deiVenti” and its activities,

The first copy, the one exhibited in the gallery, was printed in the 50 x 50 cm size format and signed by all the artists.

All you need to do is send an email to with the receipt of your donation and your contact details, so that we can then send you the work of art.

The exhibition will also have an open-air public route, in collaboration with the Municipality of Como.
The project will be opento the city, with the aim of presenting itself as a form of street art that is accessible to everyone. The 7 works of art created will become 21 100 x 70 cm posters that will be displayed in municipal spaces for most of the summer.

The exhibition will therefore be able to also be visited outside of the typical times and thus becoming a new type of exhibition of public art, which is socially useful as regards the new regulations on social distancing.

The exhibition opens on Friday 10th July at 5:30 pm in the presence of the artists themselves.



where: The Art Company, via Borgovico 163 A - Como

The Art Company FB page


The exhibition is open on July 10th, 11th, 17th and 18th 2020 from 3pm to 6.30pm

The exhibition opens on Friday 10th July at 5:30 pm in the presence of the artists themselves.


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